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Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol Interlock Device

  1. Q: My battery has gone flat and my mechanic says the Smart Start Interlock is causing it?

    Your mechanic is mistaken. The Smart Start Interlock model SSI-2020 has a low current draw of only 20mA. With an average car battery with a reserve capacity of 50 Ah this can last up to 6 weeks.
    Note* Modern vehicles are installed with many extra components that can cause a drain on your vehicle battery supply.

  2. Q: Can other people drive my car?

    At all times the Smart Start Interlock is in your vehicle, you remain legally responsible for the correct operation of the device. If you are confident that another driver, other than yourself, is of good character and is trained in the use of the Smart Start Interlock and you understand that you accept responsibility for the other driver’s actions, he/she may drive your vehicle. If you are concerned about other drivers causing questionable data, you may opt to have a camera module linked to the Interlock device.

  3. Q: What if the Interlock shuts the car down on my way to an important meeting?

    The SSI-2020 is designed to prevent the starting of a vehicle if a breath test is not passed. There is only one wire interrupted for the installation of the ignition Interlock device and it serves no other purpose than to send the signal to the starter for the vehicle to start once the test is passed. If the individual fails a test while driving, it simply records a violation; it does not shut the vehicle down.

  4. Q: When will the device request further retests and what do I do?

    The Interlock system will require successive retests. The Interlock device will ask you randomly to give a breathe sample. The unit will sound an alert and the display will read ‘BLOW’ with a count down of 5 minutes. The first retest will occur between 5 to 15 minutes from starting the vehicle. Subsequent retests will occur between 15 to 60 minutes with a pass BAC result. Never try to give a breathe sample while driving the vehicle; ensure you pull the vehicle over when safe to conduct the retest. Remember not to panic if the unit asks you to conduct a retest. You have 5 minutes to give a breathe sample.

  5. Q: What do I do if I am travelling interstate?

    Before travelling interstate you must ensure your lockout appointment will not occur whilst you are interstate. Please call Smart Start for more information.

  6. Q: My car won’t start and the Interlock Device reads ‘LOCKOUT VIOLATION’, what do I do?

    Your car won’t start, the device is in lockout due to violations. You must call Smart Start Interlocks Head Office (1300 256 900) to obtain an unlock code. This code will allow you to operate the vehicle for 6 hours, which is enough time to drive the vehicle to one of our agents to have an unscheduled service.

  7. Q: The ignition Interlock just aborts and I can't start my vehicle.

    The majority of all aborts are caused by improperly blowing into the SSI-2020. If the problem continues, the participant should call Smart Start Interlocks Victoria on 1300 BLOW 00 (1300 256 900) for a solution.

  8. Q: I’ve blown a positive breath sample and I believe it’s a false reading. What do I do?

    If you have recorded a positive breath sample and you believe it’s an incorrect reading, it is suggested that you rinse your mouth with water, while waiting for the interlock unit to end its temporary lockout period then re-blow into the interlock unit. If you blow a 0.000 reading, you have confirmed your last test was a false positive and this will be reflected in your interlock reports. We also suggest you document such events so you can provide details to your alcohol education assessor and to the courts.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local service agent or call 1300 256 900.

In all EMERGENCY situations please call 1300 256 900.