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The SSI-20/30™ is the latest in ignition interlock technology from Smart Start, Inc. It was developed to make installation, use and monitoring easier with a more discrete device. The SSI-20/30™ has been designed to work with our patented SSI G4 Camera.

The SSI-20/30™ hum feature can be removed, meaning users only have to blow into the device without needing to hum. In addition, it was designed to be more economical and discreet than the SSI-20/20™. The SSI-20/30™ is not available at every Smart Start installation location and can be requested by customers.

Features of the SSI-20/30™ include:

  • Easy to test
  • Small, discrete size
  • Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date
  • No hum feature
  • Easy entry of unlock codes
  • Multi colour display
SSI 2020 image


The SSI-20/20™ brings a new level of information and ease of installation to the interlock market. Combined with our patented positive digital photo identification of the user, the SSI-20/20™ has been improved for easier use and installation.

The SSI-20/20™ integrates with Smart Start’s SSI G4 Camera and is one of the many tamper detection features available on the SSI-20/20™.

Features of the SSI-20/20™ :

  • Easy to test
  • Small, discrete size
  • Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date
  • Easy entry of unlock codes
2030 Camera

SSI-20/30™ Camera

The SSI-20/30™ camera is the most reliable way to identify the individual using the interlock device, although mandatory in some states, the SSI-20/30™ camera is recommended for people who are in shared living situations or where numerous people may be driving the vehicle, this is the fail safe way to prove identity.
The recorded images allow Smart Start to positively identify the user of the device to see who is taking each test and prevent users from covering up or disconnecting the camera. When tampering is detected, the camera will send a message to the SSI-20/20™ interlock effectively aborting the test and preventing the user from starting their car.

Features of the SSI-20/30™ Camera include:

  • Easy Mounting
  • Fast Download
  • Positive Identification
InHom Mobile Image

In-Hom™ S.M.A.R.T Mobile™

The road to sobriety starts  with the In-Hom™. Family law and child custody matters are extremely important to the Smart Start team. Whether you’re a parent or single with no kids, Smart Start wants to ensure that you live a healthy, full life for your family. That’s where Smart Start's  In-Hom S.M.A.R.T. Mobile (Sobriety Monitoring And Reporting Technology) device comes in.

At Smart Start, your sobriety – and life – are important to us. Since 1992, we have helped more families gain sobriety through the use of our In-Hom device. Unlike a standard at-home breathalyser, the Smart Start In-Hom device is portable, making it ideal for traveling or staying at home, and the device fits comfortably in your purse, backpack, or other carrying case. So how does it work? S.M.A.R.T. Mobile operates on a mobile network to transmit real-time, accurate results.

Features of the In-Hom™ S.M.A.R.T Mobile™ include:

  • Long battery life (up to 5 days on single charge)
  • Large easy to read back lit display
  • Simple menu
  • No hum required
  • Easy charging
  • Convenient carry case
  • Removable mouth piece
  • Fast warm-up
Ajen PBT Image

Ajen AL001 Personal Breath Tester

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Reliable, accurate and fast results.

The Ajen AL001 Personal Breath Tester is a high quality personal breathalyser manufactured to exacting standards. The device features fuel cell sensor technology, easy of use, stylish and compact in design with a large back lit digital display.

Features of the Ajen AL001 PBT include:

  • 9V alkaline battery
  • Replaceable mouth pieces
  • Single button control
  • 3 decimal place numeric display
  • Portable and light weight
  • Fast warm-up/response/recovery time