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About Smart Start Interlocks Australia

We're a company dedicated to improving road safety in Australia. We bring to Australia technology from Smart Start Inc., America's leader in alcohol ignition interlock devices.

Over the past ten years we have helped thousands of drivers successfully graduate from their alcohol interlock programs. Smart Start has diversified with the introduction of products such as at home sobriety monitoring and reporting technology, and personal breathalysers.

Our focus now is on consolidating and expanding our alcohol interlock business by growing our networks to cover all of Australia, and working with our service centres to ensure consistency and quality. We're going one step further and planning on introducing new products to our line-up, including increasing our personal breath tester range and looking into exciting new intelligent fingerprinting technology.

Through this all it's still about the people. We want to reward and encourage our loyal staff and service centres, keeping to our roots as a family business. Just bigger.