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Alcohol Limits Across Australia

March 12, 2021

What are the rules on alcohol consumption on the road in Australia?

Luckily the rules on alcohol limits while driving are fairly similar across all states in Australia.


Standard full licence, standard private vehicle

Drivers on standard full licences who are driving regular sized private vehicles - 0.05 BAC limit across all states.


Probationary/provisional or learner drivers

Have a 0 BAC requirement across all states. That means that while you're in the learning stage, you'll have to lay off the drinks completely.


Interlock Restricted

If you have an interlock condition on your licence, you are held to a 0 BAC limit across all states and can only drive a vehicle with an approved alcohol interlock device installed.


Special cases

If any of the following apply to you, then your alcohol limits may differ across states.

  • holders of special licences
  • or those who are driving special vehicles
  • Driving a vehicle carrying dangerous goods (the in-laws don't count)
  • Driving a motorcycle
  • Have previously been convicted of drinking while driving offences



Check the following links to find out more about alcohol driving limits in your state.














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