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Join the rest of Australia in National Road Safety Week

May 1, 2019

A staggering amount of accidents happen on Aussie roads, resulting in serious injury and even death. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15. It is also completely avoidable.


The National Road Safety Week aims to address this issue across all states and territories of Australia, and is something that everyone who uses the roads can get behind.

Launched by the family of a 23 year old woman killed on the Hume Highway, the National Road Safety Week lets you show your dedication to keeping the road safe for your family and others.


We've listed a few ways to get involved and acknowledge the high cost of road accidents.


Light it in Yellow

Landmarks all over Australia will be illuminated in yellow from Monday the 6th to Sunday the 12th of May.Throughout the week, keep your eyes peeled for any of the iconic structures in your city rocking yellow in honour of all those who have been killed or injured on Australian roads.


Dress up your cars, bikes and scooters

Join a legion of emergency vehicles, fleets trucks and other road users; tie a yellow ribbon on any vehicle you use on the roads. It'll be a great way of showing your commitment to road safety, and a reminder to others of the great toll that carelessness can have on the roads.


Don't have a ribbon? Shine a light on road safety

On Friday 10th of May you're encouraged to drive with your headlights on in a simple but highly visible gesture. It doesn't take much to switch your headlights on for a few minutes as a reminder to yourself and others to make safe decisions behind the wheel.


Do it for the family

When you travel on Mother's day to see your loved ones, remember to drive extra carefully. Traffic accidents can have devastating impacts, so drive safely not only for your own family, but for all families. As John Farnham so memorably put it; we're all someone's daughter, we're all someone's son.


Keep it local

You'll find loads more events will be happening around your community. Check online or with your local council about more ways you can get involved.


Make a pledge

Feel like you don't always drive with safety in mind? Pledge to Drive So Others Survive at the following link,and make the roads safer for everyone.

We're getting involved too

On Sunday 5th of May in Victoria we'll be participating in a community walk at Albert Park Lake to advocate for safer roads. If you're in the area, drop by and say hi.