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Are you Christmas Ready? A simple checklist for your Interlock & Car

December 7, 2022

Whether you’re staying home or heading away for the Christmas break, there are a few things you might consider to ensure you’re prepared and stay safe on our busy roads. 

Your Alcohol Interlock

Do you know when your next service is due?

Have you checked the trading hours of your local agent?

Are you eligible to extend your service requirement?

Heading away, where is the nearest agent to your destination?

Your Vehicle

Travelling for Christmas, when was the last time you checked your car?


Do they have enough tread? Do they need air?

Please remember regional roads may still be impacted by recent rain & flooding.


Are your headlights, brake, parking & indicator lights working?


How old is your battery, when was it last replaced? Modern batteries don’t give any warning.

Will your car be sitting around on your break? The worst thing for batteries is not being used.

Oil & water

Check the guide marks and top up if required.

General inspection

Check for any damage or signs of wear both inside and out


Need assistance?

Our agent network includes qualified auto electricians and mechanics, ask them about routine maintenance or battery check-up at your next service. 

Please remember Christmas is traditionally one of the busiest and potentially most dangerous times on our roads and if you choose to drink, plan not to drive.


This list is general information only. Interlock requirements vary by state and program & vehicle maintenance requirement vary dependant on type & age of vehicle.

Participants are responsible for their interlock & vehicle.