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What ID to Bring to Install?

October 7, 2020

At Smart Start Interlocks, we require 2 types of identity documents at installation; a Type A Identity Document, and a Proof of Residence Document. Here's a list of documents which can be used to fulfill these requirements:

1. Type A Identity Document (current or expired less than 2 years)

Australian photo Driver license

Australian or foreign passport

Australia Post Keypass identity card

Australian state and territory issued identity photo cards

Australian birth certificate issued by a Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Australian naturalisation or citizenship certificate, Document for Travel to Australia, or ImmiCard; issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or the Passport Office

2. Proof of Residence Document - Must show your current residential address

Passbook or bank account statement showing the institution's letterhead or stamp (no more than 1 year old)

Telephone, gas or electricity bill showing the institution's letterhead or stamp (no more than 1 year old)

Letters from ATO, Centrelink, Bank and Medicare showing institution's letterhead or stamp. (no more than 1 year old)

Water rates, council rates of land evaluation (no more than 2 years old)

Electoral enrolment card or other evidence of enrolment (no more than 2 years old)

Armed services discharge papers (no more than 2 years old)

Contract of sale, lease, or rental document that shows your current address

Current renewal notice for a driver license or vehicle registration


Just make sure that you have at least one document from each of these categories and your identity requirements are good to go!