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What is an Alcohol Restricted Licence?

October 3, 2019

In Australia an alcohol restricted licence is a condition on a licence which requires the driver to be within a lower BAC limit than the standard 0.05. For example, people on learner licences and newer drivers may have a 0 alcohol limit imposed upon them.

The Interlock restricted licence is a type of restricted licence which requires no alcohol to be in the system of the driver. Also known as an Interlock condition licence, it is illegal for a holder of this licence to drive without an approved alcohol interlock device installed, or to drive with any alcohol in their system.

It is one of the strictest licence conditions, as having an alcohol interlock installed and maintained can be expensive and inconvenient due to the requirements of state legislation. The interlock condition licence is imposed as a punishment for a previous alcohol driving offence. Alcohol interlock programs have been found to be more effective at reducing drink driving behaviour than hefty fines.

If you have an interlock restricted licence the following conditions apply:

  • You can only drive a motor vehicle if it has been an approved alcohol interlock device installed by an accredited service provider.
  • You can only drive with a BAC of 0. Even though your alcohol interlock device will allow a vehicle to be driven with a BAC higher than 0 but under the threshold of 0.02, this is still illegal. If you are pulled over by police and they find your BAC is not 0, it will be considered an offence and further penalties apply.

To remove the Interlock condition from your licence:

  • You will have to participate in your state alcohol interlock program. This will involve regular servicing in which the data from your alcohol interlock device is uploaded and transmitted to your regulatory state body.
  • Once you have completed the length of program (usually around 6 months) without incident, you may apply to have the interlock condition on your licence removed.
  • Any attempts to drive with alcohol in your system will be recorded by the device and will extend the length of your program.

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