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You Asked: Can someone else drive my car if it has an interlock?

March 23, 2020

Yes. Anybody with a valid licence can drive your vehicle even if it has an interlock installed. That said, there are some things you should take into consideration before loaning out your car keys.

  1. Anyone who drives in your vehicle must properly use the alcohol interlock device, even it they are not on an alcohol restricted licence.
  2. Any violations that are caused by another driver will still reflect on your record, and can result in unscheduled services or program extensions. Stress that they must comply with your 0 BAC requirements and provide every requested test.
  3. Make sure that you train the driver properly before lending them your car. If you know that your vehicle will be frequently used by another driver, consider bringing them along to your interlock installation and training session. Have them read up on common cause of violations.
  4. If violations are caused by another driver, it can be helpful to have proof that you were not driving at the time. Ask your service centre about having a camera to accompany your interlock device. This will capture an image during each test and can be used for contesting any violations caused by another driver.
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