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What are the basic rules and guidelines under the program?

Your interlock licence conditions are that you:

  • Must have a BAC of zero at all times while driving
  • Only drive your nominated vehicle which is fitted with an approved alcohol interlock device
  • Take all breath tests the alcohol interlock requests
  • Ensure that your interlock is serviced when required under the program
  • Ensure that an interlock is installed in at least one vehicle
  • Only drive the vehicle if you have personally provided the breath sample required by the interlock
  • Do not drive any motor vehicle if you know that the interlock is not working properly, or has been circumvented or interfered with
  • Do not tamper with the device
What is my legal blood alcohol limit when driving?
You must have Zero alcohol in your system while driving (BAC 0.000). Because Alcohol Interlock Devices can detect trace amounts of alcohol from other products, the effective limit required to operate your vehicle is BAC < 0.020. However, if a police breath test finds any amount of alcohol in your system while driving, this is considered a serious offence.
Who should I contact about the Tasmanian Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program?
You can contact the Department of State Growth either by phone or online.
Ph: 1300 135 513
How long do I need to participate in the program for?
The program will run for a minimum of 15 months. This will comprise of a 9 month learning period followed by a 6 month demonstration period. If all program rules are followed, the Interlock condition can be removed from your licence at the end of a successful demonstration period.
What happens if I don’t follow the rules of the program?
When you do not follow the program rules this is considered to be a violation. Violations will be recorded in your user data and result in your program being extended. If a certain amount of violations are recorded, the device will request an unscheduled service within 7 days (see Q on violation limits). Some violations can result in legal action, such as driving a vehicle without an approved Alcohol Interlock Device installed or being caught drink driving by police.
What is considered a violation?

Violations include:

  • Any breach of program rules (See Q. below for a list of basic rules and guidelines)
  • Failing or missing requested breath tests:
    • After failing an initial breath test (BAC recorded above 0.02) to start the vehicle, you have 60 minutes to retest successfully. Failing or missing this retest is considered a violation
    • If you fail or miss a random/rolling retest (BAC recorded above 0.02) this is considered a violation. Warning lights and a horn alarm will sound once this happens.
  • Any tampering with or circumvention of the Alcohol Interlock Device is considered a violation:
    • Circumvention is when you drive a vehicle without first providing a breath sample. This is a serious violation.
    • If your car battery is disconnected for 20 minutes or more this can record as a violation. When doing work on your car make sure that the mechanic is aware of this.
  • Missing a scheduled service.
What amount of violations will cause an early unscheduled service (violation limit)?
Type of Violation
Device enters 30 minute lockout
Initial retest not presented after 5 minute lockout
High BAC
Random rolling retest failed or missed
Battery Disconnection
Violation Limit
20 minutes
Caused by
Failing an initial test and retest
Failing an initial test and missing the retest
Providing sample with BAC of 0.05 or higher
Failing a requested random test, or not providing a breath sample within 5 minutes
Starting or by-passing device without taking a test
Recorded power disconnection of 20 minutes or more.
Once violation limits have been reached the unit will display a 7 day count down. You must return for an unscheduled service within the 7-day period or the device will permanently lock and you will be required to either tow your vehicle or obtain an unlock code from Smart Start. A maximum of 2 unlock codes can be issued per service period.

You will need to contact head office to be issued with an unlock code (1300 256 900).
What sort of violations will cause my program to be extended?
To complete the program, you must record 0 permanent lockouts or 30-minute lockouts for the last 180 days before servicing while on the Demonstration period. Lockouts occur when you fail an initial test and a retest. In addition to this, you must follow all other program rules and guidelines.

The Department of State Growth will advise you when you have completed the program and of the steps to obtaining a new license without the I condition. This includes sending an MAIP Application to Revoke an I Condition Form for you to complete.
How can I avoid violations?
  • Only drive with zero BAC  
  • Never use the Alcohol Interlock Device as a personal breath tester. Failed tests will be recorded and may be considered violations 
  • Consider purchasing a personal breath tester. This will allow you to check your Breath Alcohol Content before attempting to drive. If you do opt for a personal breath tester, ensure that it is regularly sent for calibration to ensure accuracy  
  • The Alcohol Interlock Device will continue to request tests randomly so long as the vehicle is running. Even if you have arrived at your destination, if the device asks for a breath sample you must provide it. Turning off the vehicle will be considered a refused breath test and recorded as a violation. Do not leave your car running and unattended as you may miss a breath test and record a violation  
  • Avoid consuming food and drinks (apart from water) for 10 minutes prior to a breath test and at all times while driving. Before giving a breath sample, drinking water will help to remove trace amounts of alcohol from your mouth
Can I contest recorded violations?
The Department of State Growth is responsible for administering your program. If there are instances where you would like to contest a violation which has been recorded, you should contact them with your dispute.
What is the random/rolling retest schedule in Tasmania?
After you pass the initial test and the engine starts running, the device will continue to request breath samples randomly. The first random retest will occur between 5 – 15 minutes after starting the engine. After this the device will continue to request retests between 15 – 60 minutes after the previous random retest has been passed. You will be given 5 minutes to safely provide a breath sample after each random/rolling retest is requested.
Can someone else attend the interlock servicing in my place?
The Participant must attend every service in person and receive a Performance Report. If you do not attend servicing in person, the current service period will not count towards the I Condition period.
If you cannot attend for any reason such as travel, you must arrange for an alternative servicing date prior to the end of your current servicing period. If you are unwell and cannot attend your servicing in person, you can obtain a medical certificate which can be presented at the next service.
Can the 30 day servicing period be extended?

If no 30 minute lockouts or permanent lockouts are recorded in the first servicing period, you may be eligible for a 90 day service period. If any lockouts are recorded in the extended servicing period, you will be returned to the standard 30 day period.

What if I am transferring to Tasmania with an interstate I condition licence?

If you are transferring to Tasmania with an active I condition licence from another jurisdiction you will be issued a Tasmanian I condition licence in the Learning Period. This means you are subject to the full 15 month requirement of the program.
Applications can then be made to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for recognition of time already spent on the I condition in the previous jurisdiction. The maximum time that will be recognised on an interstate licence is 6 months.

Am I eligible for a discount?
MAIP Participants who hold a valid concession are eligible for a discount on costs relating to MAIP administration and the installation, rental, servicing and removal of an Approved Interlock. The following are accepted:

    • DHS or DVA Pensioner Concession Card

    • DHS Health Care Card

    • Repatriation Health Care Card (Gold or White)

    • Tasmanian Government Transport Access Scheme

Where can I find more information?
More information can be found at the Department of State Growth website

For after-hours support please call 1300 256 900 option 2.