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Queensland Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program (AIIP)

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) administers the Queensland Alcohol Interlock Program.

Smart Start Interlocks is a TMR approved alcohol ignition interlock supplier.

Completing the Program & Removal Process

From 10 September 2021, TMR will operate a performance-based interlock program.  The program runs for a minimum of 12 months and has two parts;

  • A learning period - first 8 months
  • A performance period - last 4 months

To complete the program, you must ensure that during your performance period no alcohol is detected, and you are not permanently locked-out of the Interlock due to a missed scheduled service.

At the end of your performance period, TMR will:·

  • send you an Interlock Data Upload Request notice advising you to contact us.
  • We will send TMR your latest data and if alcohol was detected or you had a permanent lockout due to a missed scheduled interlock service, your 4 month Performance Period starts again.
  • If the data indicates you have completed the program, TMR will advise you to attend a TMR Customer Service Centre to have the Interlock condition removed from your licence. You can then have the interlock device removed from your vehicle.

Prior to completing the program, you may also need to complete the Plan_Drive_Survive Comprehensive education course.  

Plan Drive Survive Hub

The Plan.Drive.Survive. Hub is an online service for people who have been convicted of a drink driving offence.

You can log in to the Plan.Drive.Survive. Hub to track your progress and find out when you can finish the interlock program.

Plan Drive Survive Hub | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government (


Full Price - Effective 1st July 2023
Standard Installation
Non-Standard Installation*# – In addition to standard installation fee
Installation – Heavy vehicles (over 4.5t GVM) and Motorcycles
Monthly Lease
Tri-Monthly Lease
Loss Protection Plan

*Non-Standard Installation - allows for additional labour and parts dependant on vehicle model, to be confirmed with your local service centre prior to installation.

#Some agents charge an hourly rate in addition to standard / non standard rates quoted, to be confirmed with your local service centre prior to any installation or removal.

Queensland complete list of prices and eligible concession discounts here.

Further Resources

Department of Transport and Main Road (TMR)

Phone: 13 23 80

Online Information

User Guide

Find important information about using your device and the conditions of your program here

Device Information

You can keep your alcohol interlock device working well by following these steps:

  • Don't place it on the floor, out of sight/ear shot, or where it may be damaged.
  • Make sure that it is securely in its holder whenever the car is moving.
  • Do not circumvent, tamper, or misuse the device.
  • Regularly calibrate your device.

Training Videos

What to expect during your interlock installation

Smart Start Interlock Training

SSI Device Training Tutorial -
Blow THEN Hum

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