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Costs of the program vary depending on your state, concession status and vehicle. For most customers, the greatest cost will be on the day of install. At Smart Start we have installs starting at $130 for a concession participant driving a standard car. On the day of your installation you'll also pay one month's lease in advance, along with any state government fees. Our monthly lease and maintenance fees start at $104 for concession participants. That's about $3.50 a day: the price of a small coffee.

Let's break down the different costs that may be associated with your program.

One-off costs:

These are pay once and strike off the list, such as installation and removal of the device.

Monthly costs:

These include your monthly service fee and state fees that we may collect on behalf of your governing body.


This includes costs for extra or unscheduled services, and remote unlocking of your device. Most drivers will not need these services.

Concession Discounts:

We offer discounts to customers with valid concession entitlements. Make sure to present your concession card at the start of every service you attend.

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