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Western Australian Alcohol Interlock Scheme (WA AIS)

The Scheme aims to improve road safety with mandatory alcohol interlock use, in order to provide separation of drinking and driving behaviour. It is managed by the Department of Transport (DoT). Smart Start Australia is an approved supplier for the alcohol interlock scheme in Western Australia.

Completing the Program & Removal Process - Monitored Drivers

The interlock condition period can be extended if you record 3 or more violations during any one monthly scheduled service period. If you have completed your minimum period and have not breached the conditions of your program for the 6 months prior the exiting the scheme, you will be eligible for completing the program. The DoT will notify you in writing of the successful completion of the scheme, and that you may now have the device removed.

Further Resources

Department of Transport

User Guide

Find important information about using your device and the conditions of your program here

Device Information

Keep your alcohol interlock device in top condition by observing the following:

  • Don't place the device on the floor, out of sight/ear shot, or where it may be damaged.
  • Make sure that it is securely in its holder whenever the car is moving
  • Do not circumvent, tamper, or misuse the device.
  • Regularly calibrate your device by bringing it in for servicing. This keeps it accurate.

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