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Where to get an Ignition Interlock Device

January 18, 2021

Unfortunately an alcohol interlock device isn't something that you can just buy online and have delivered to your doorstep. If you're in Australia and need an interlock device, then you're probably aiming to complete a state enforced alcohol interlock program. There's a few main things you should know about getting an interlock device.

1. Not just any interlock device will do. In Australia, there are only a handful of alcohol interlock models which have been approved by State Governments for use with their programs. These approved devices have passed stringent tests and meet minimum standards of functionality. They are the only alcohol interlock devices which can be used while on alcohol interlock programs.


The Smart Start Interlock 20/20 device meets International and Australian standards.

2. Self-installation is off the table if you are on the interlock program. Your regular car mechanic is also probably not going to be of much help. You can only get your alcohol interlock device installed at an interlock service provider who is approved by your state government. There are a few such suppliers operating in Australia. Smart Start Interlocks is one.

3. Getting the interlock device installed in your vehicle is just the start. State programs will require you to send your interlock data to them at regular intervals. You'll need to return to your alcohol interlock provider to get the data downloaded and sent to your state provider.


The best way to get an alcohol interlock device is to check a list of qualified interlock service providers in your state. Choose a provider with a service location that's convenient for you, as you'll be attending monthly. They'll provide you with services including a rented interlock, monthly servicing and data transfer to your state authorities.


Hint: Smart Start Interlocks is qualified to operate as part of the ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC & WA programs. Get started with Smart Start Interlocks.

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