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Alcohol Tests on the Go with Smart Mobile

June 17, 2020

Alcohol interlock devices may be synonymous with Smart Start Interlocks, but it is far from the only service we provide. We are now supplying our Smart Mobile portable alcohol monitoring technology to the general public. Much like regular breathalysers; these devices are portable, unobtrusive an can be taken out and about. But that is where the similarities end. Smart Mobile devices request tests at programmed intervals, are highly accurate, court admissible, and can transmit results in real time to a designated authority. There are three main circumstances in which these devices are useful.

  1. It can provide a court admissible record of sobriety. This can be particularly useful with regards to alcohol or family related matters.
  2. Assist with rehabilitation. Alcohol addiction is a devastating health problem to deal with. Some people find it helpful to put systems in place to keep them accountable. Smart Mobile can give a rehabilitation team the tools to monitor progress and make changes to treatment accordingly.
  3. Family custody matters are a sensitive topic for all involved. Remote alcohol monitoring technology can be a way of ensuring the sobriety of a party, either voluntarily for peace of mind, or as a court-imposed requirement of shared custody or visitation rights.

The Smart Mobile has been designed with these uses in mind and provides customisable features such as:

  • The ability to program custom test schedules, including scheduled, random, or on-demand tests.
  • GPS capabilities can be enabled to track location of tests.
  • Test reports can automatically be sent daily through mobile networks.
  • Positive identification for every test.
  • Court admissibility.

To find out more about how the Smart Mobile device may be able to help you or a client, call us on 1300 256 900. Smart Mobile is just one of our many innovative products and services, with more to come.