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Smart Mobile: Portable Alcohol Monitoring -Testimonial

September 14, 2020

This is why we Do what we Do:

What challenges were you hoping to solve when entered our INHOM Smart Mobile Program?

The challenges I was hoping to solve were related to family court and custody issues.

What was your biggest hesitation about using our INHOM- Smart Mobile Portable breathalyser?

My biggest hesitation was being unsure about the reliability of the INHOM - Smart Mobile device and the availability of servicing the machine and follow up care should any problem arise.

What did you discover as a result of using our product and services?

The product was easy to operate, and results were accurate and displayed clearly on the machine. Reports were detailed and provided on a month basis with good support from the staff when needed.

How have you specifically benefited from our product and services?

The accuracy and reliability and high standards and accreditation of the results and Smart Start services have been used throughout my family court proceedings to support my abstinence from alcohol use related to custody issues.

Who would you recommend this product/service to?

I would recommend this product to anyone requiring documented evidence to show abstinence from alcohol use for legal or personal reasons.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Extremely professional and helpful staff who are contactable for urgent and after-hours service when needed. Would highly recommend Smart Start services.

Kylie, Melbourne VIC

Family Custody Case 2013 - current