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Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices are installed in vehicles to prevent their engines from being started until an alcohol-free breath sample is provided. All our interlock devices are certified to Australian and CENELEC European Standards. You can choose to install and service at over 100 service centres across Australia.

SSI-20/20 Ignition Interlock


The Smart Start 20/20 has been designed with user experience at the forefront. Safety, reliability and ease of use have made this our most commonly used interlock device in Australia. Everything from the large keypad, ergonomic grip design, and remote unlocking options have been engineered to fit seamlessly into your everyday driving routine.

  • Simple straightforward breath testing
  • Remote unlocking options
  • Integrates with Smart Start Camera enabling positive identification
  • Ergonomic with its comfort grip design
  • Backlit screen for easy reading
  • Large keypad allows you to navigate the functions of the device with ease, such as accessing status updates and remote unlocking
  • No false positives with fuel cell technology
SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock


The Smart Start 20/30 was designed with optimal usability in mind. Compact and efficient, the 20/30 features a large colour screen for easy visibility. Its small and discrete design does the job without drawing attention to itself. The Smart Start 20/30 device is available upon request at certain service centres.

  • Discrete and compact design
  • Colour display for easy readability
  • 'Hum' requirement can be removed
  • Keypad for easy use
  • Compatible with Smart Start camera providing positive identification
  • No false positives with fuel cell technology
  • Remote unlocking options
SSI-20/30™ Camera

SSI-20/30™ Camera

Although not yet mandatory in all states, linking a camera with your alcohol interlock device allows for identification of the provider of a breath test. Many customers have found this fail-safe method of identification invaluable. Our cameras are compatible with both the SSI-20/20 and the SSI-20/30 devices.

  • Easy mounting
  • Fast download
  • Positive identification
  • Eliminate violations from other people operating the device improperly
Ajen AL001 personal Breathalyser

Ajen AL001 Breath Tester

The Ajen AL001 Personal Breath Tester is a high-quality personal breathalyser manufactured to exacting standards. With regular calibration this device is highly accurate. Personal breath testers can be great for understanding how your body metabolises alcohol over time, and can inform responsible choices.

  • Industry standard fuel cell technology
  • Large backlit digital display
  • Replaceable mouth pieces
  • Simple single button control
  • Portable and light weight
  • Fast readings


Offender Monitoring:  As an Australian leader in offender monitoring, Smart Start Interlocks regularly sources new, innovative technology for government and private use. Our goal is to apply new technology towards improving safety and wellbeing in our society.

In-Hom™ S.M.A.R.T Mobile™

In-Hom SmartMobile™

The most Reliable Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device

Smart Start takes family law and custody matters very seriously. The Smart Mobile is a breathalyser tool intended to transmit readings during custody disputes and offender monitoring. This device operates on mobile network to transmit real- time accurate results.

  • Built-in camera provides facial identification
  • GPS tracking
  • Deliver immediate or 24-hour violation notification
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 5 days on single charge)
  • Lightweight, portable design fits comfortably into your purse or bag